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Thread: Bah humbug!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAE View Post
    here's my extravagant elf on the shelf set ups every day that are created solely for Facebook because my child is 10 years old and stopped believing in that shit years ago
    My ever-grinchier heart is really enjoying this trend

    eta: and then I found more.

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    I despise all of it. I had family members who were already decorating before Thanksgiving. Traditionally most people decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving at the earliest, but I stopped by to say hello to my cousins on Thursday and their mom had their tree up and all the Christmas decorations out.

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    I saw Xmas stuff coming out before Halloween. It's ridiculous.

    Last year I asked my nearly adult children if they wanted to participate in tree decorating and stuff, and it was clear that although they would have liked it if I would do it, they weren't inclined to help, at all. So, I have a tiny, pre-decorated tree that I pulled out of a box, put on a table, plugged it in, and I"m done. This year, the same. I'm kind of inclined to cook something, but if no one is interested in helping, I'm done! I would like to make Alton Brown's Aged Eggnog this year, I'm just concerned that I'll find the bourbon, rum and cognac... distracting.

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    I lost my job and my savings are dwindling while my husband is also a broke student without much work so we’re just... not doing Christmas this year. We told both families to fuck off for holiday plans much earlier in the year and truly, it might be nice to just be able to make a frozen pizza and get ugly drunk and forget about having to bear through any misery in familial company this year.
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    not sure
    This thread validates me. For those who speak Spanish...

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