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Thread: Favorite Tori Concerts Ever

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    Here's my list:

    10/11/2001 NY - Beacon Theatre - SLG
    8/13/2014 NY - Beacon Theatre - UG
    12/3/2011 NY- Beacon Theatre - NOH
    3/7/2003 NY - Radio City - SW
    3/8/2003 NY - Radio City - SW
    8/14/2009 NJ - Count Basie - AATS
    4/11/2005 PA - Kimmel Center - OST
    11/14/2002 NJ - Tweeter Center - SW
    8/22/2003 NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center - Lottapianos
    10/11/2007 NY - MSG - ADP
    10/12/2007 NY - MSG - ADP
    8/13/2009 NY - Radio City - AATS

    Those 3 Beacon Theatre shows were out of this world! The Radio City show from AATS was the only show I walked out truly disappointed. And at the second ADP show at MSG I had the WORST crowd experience.

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    Out of 34 shows since 2001 these are my favourites:

    Manchester '01
    Amsterdam '14
    Indy '01
    Chicago '01
    Brussels '11
    Paris '10
    Paris '03
    London '09
    Jazz Cafe '09
    Brugge '10
    Bloemendaal '10
    Manchester '11
    Essen '11

    Dishonourable mention: Glastonbury '05

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    I am still really happy I skipped the AATS tour. It would have been hard for me to deal with.
    I was really disappointed with NY, but the Red Bank show that tour was surprisingly so good. I think it had to do with the smaller, more intimate venue.

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    Of the shows I've attended my favorites:

    5.18.96 Syracuse, NY- perhaps an unfair evaluation since it was my first show ever. *but* she started with songs that are *still* my faves: bq/horses, Anastasia, Blood Roses...then went on to play one of more in my like... top 8 easy: not the red baron. Everything else was blissful, too. Here. In my Head. Honey, etc.

    10.9.07 Albany, NY- I was pretty much in tears the entire show. Isabel was there. black dove, voodoo, yo george, tori played famous blue raincoat, marianne, and etienne solo. I was/am a total sucker for the jumpsuits

    8.13.09- New York, NY Great, great performance. Teen spirit, Flavor, Talula, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Raspberry Swirl

    4.06.05- Washington, DC Beatiful venue on a gorgeous spring day. Angels, Anastasia, the Like Like a Prayer Cover, plus she played Josephine which I adore. Tori seemed someone hypnotized and- well, not low energy, just perhaps preoccupied. And I think the show benefited from it in some ways

    and finally:

    3.19.03- So many of my faves. Marianne, Sneeze, plus two from SLG Enjoy the Silence and Strange Little Girl. Plus. the all time debut of Tombigbee which I had secretly hoped for, but had no realistic chance of coming out... or so I thought. Got ticks with my boyfriend at the last second. so it was good to be in the right place at the right time

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    10/31/2001 - Houston - SLG
    7/25/2014 - Mesa - UG
    11/20/2001 - San Diego (early show) - SLG
    4/21/2003 - Albuquerque - SW
    8/5/2003 - Tucson - Lottapianos
    12/15/2007 - Anaheim - ADP
    11/7/2002 - Tampa - SW
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    Hm, I'd go:

    Rome 2011 - I LOVED the quartet arrangements, and the show was tight!
    London 2012 - Royal Albert Hall. That's all I have to say. Best Ribbons evah.

    ------------- < Under the line, at a certain point I thought the show was boring and asked myself "'m'kay I'm good, let's go home now..."

    Rome 2014 - Some really really beautiful performances, but a bunch of bummers and some songs that sound great on paper were meh. Ophelia.
    Florence 2007 - I really can't remember a thing of that evening. But it was my first show.
    Rome 2009 - Lots of Choirgirl, Spark...but it was 2009. I can't remember the band being there.
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    I'd have to say...

    1) Montreal 09' ... I have no idea how this happened as the rest of the bootlegs from this tour leave a lot to be desired. Maybe I'm just weird.
    2) Toronto 11 ... Loved the quartet arrangements. Epic show.
    3) Vancouver 14 ... First time I got to meet her, plus I love Rio, she played my Riot Poof request.
    4) Toronto 14 ... really mellow show but pretty much tied with Vancouver.
    5) Buffalo 07 ... Sparse crowd, really intimate. Mellow but fun set, and I enjoyed "Clyde" when I really didn't think I would.
    6) Toronto 03 ... Great set, I just hated the venue.
    7) Toronto 07 ... Pip was a tad over the top. I think I was just too far back.
    8) Seattle 14 ... a beautifully performed set of songs that I just don't like at all. Ribbons, Ophelia, Secret Spell ... ugh.
    9) Toronto 02 ... my first show ever. It obviously made an impression but my memory of it is very sparse.
    10) Toronto 05 ... Every song seemed like it was 22 minutes long with The Beekeeper being 44 minutes long.

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    So how do your 2017 shows rank? Madison edged into my top 5, hell, it might even be 3rd.

    1). Chicago '01
    2. Chicago '02 (second night)

    Three way tie
    Madison (God DAMN that was such a good show!)
    Chicago '07 (Second night)
    Atlanta '11

    honorable mentions for: Chicago '03 (navy pier), Chicago '07 (first night), and Durham 17.

    Looking back on it, St. Louis '14 was the best of the shows i saw that tour, but lacked in comparison to the shows above.

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    Who knew a 2017 show would become my all time favorite show?!? Nashville really was something spectacular. The acoustics in the Ryman were so very clear and pristine. The people around me were so fun to sit with and chat with before the show and during the show they were very excited much like myself. I got the debut of Flicker! OMG, so much better than the studio cut! The fucking Tina Turner cover of We Don't Need Another Hero was so fucking good that I just ate it all up. Hearing Sister Janet and Beulah Land again was a very great treat. Tori was on fire during the show. So much energy! Just the whole show experience was so wonderful! I remember after the show just feeling so high on life and dumbfounded about how incredible it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just owls View Post
    And I will not even get into Chicago 2009. I don't want to raise my blood pressure.
    I wasn't at the show but I'm just now listening to the recording. It sounds excellent. What did you not enjoy about it?


    Or is the raised pressure about it being so good you can't handle it ?

    Edit: Oh I see you even got the awesome 'Push like a mother in labour' rant! That on its own is enough to make the show great isn't it?
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