I honestly feel that Bedtime Stories is her most sorely underappreciated/underrated/underwhatever album. I think it's a beautiful record and I think the production is exceptionally lush and warm. Sure, there are a few middle-of-the-road songs on it, but as a whole I think it really shines. As I said earlier in this thread, I'd say this album and Confessions are about level for me in terms of quality and consistency.

Also, the one-two punch of "Sanctuary" and "Bedtime Story" is my favorite section of any of her albums. Perfection.

Fun Fact: "Take a Bow" is her most successful U.S. single to date, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 7 weeks.

And can we talk about the artwork? Because it's glorious and definitely my second favorite Madonna era in terms of look after Ray of Light. One day I'll get my hands on a copy of the limited edition CD with the blue velvet-like cover.