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Thread: American Life

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    Had such a moment with this album today. That 1-2-3 punch that is Nobody Knows Me/Intervention/X-Static Process never cease to make me cry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen View Post
    I remember being somewhat disappointed with this album when it first came out, because it didn't hold up to Ray of Light in Music. But, over time, I've come around and it really is a darn good record. The only song I skip is "I'm So Stupid" but the rest, especially when they come up on shuffle, are so wonderful. The production is really dry at times, rather than the atmospheric dance music that came before and after, but that really adds to the experience.
    This still holds true for me. The album is really wonderful, with the exception of I'm So Stupid (which I really have grown to dislike MORE over the years.) I actually rank it as my 3rd favorite Madonna album after RoL and Music. *gasp* That revelation has come very recently, as I have been listening to Madonna pretty much non-stop in celebration of Ray of Light's anniversary.

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    Some albums, including ROL, have more singles that I love, but as an album, I think American Life is her best.

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