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Thread: Scarlet's Walk

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    Scarlet's Walk


    Released: October 2002
    Chart: UK No.26 / US No.7

    • Amber Waves
    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Wednesday
    • Strange
    • Carbon
    • Crazy
    • Wampum Prayer
    • Don't Make Me Come to Vegas
    • Sweet Sangria
    • Your Cloud
    • Pancake
    • I Can't See New York
    • Mrs. Jesus
    • Taxi Ride
    • Another Girl's Paradise
    • Scarlet's Walk
    • Virginia
    • Gold Dust

    Non-album (inc. Scarlet's Hidden Treasures)
    • Operation Peter Pan
    • Mountain
    • Ruby Through the Looking-Glass
    • Seaside
    • Bug a Martini
    • Apollo's Frock
    • Tombigbee
    • Indian Summer

    Scarlet is walking in my shoes. You could say she's based on me. Or perhaps I am based on her.
    The CD's about America -
    It's a story that's also a journey, that begins in L.A.
    and crosses the country, slowly heading east.
    America's in there, and specific places and things, Native American history
    and pornography and a girl on a plane who'll never get to New York,
    and Oliver Stone and Andrew Jackson and madness and a lot more.
    Not to mention a girl called Scarlet who may be the land
    and may be a person and may be a trail of blood.

    -Neil Gaiman


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    I think I first heard this album in 2003. I remember liking it, but I didn't really understand what it was about.

    In 2005/2006 I became a superfan and discovered the rest of her music.

    Now SW is my favorite Tori album. I think it's her masterpiece. Every song on this album is great (except for maybe Wampum Prayer, Mrs Jesus and Gold Dust, which get on my nerves sometimes). I think it's a great example of what a longer album should be like: unform in sound with great songs throughout.
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    I think this is Tori's masterpiece. The concept is sturdy but doesn't get in the way of the actual record, the songwriting is impeccable, and the sound is focused. That and I'm a sucker for anything she does on the Wurlitzer. It's hard for me to pick favorites beyond the title track because most of the songs are so strong.

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    ^I agree. I still view this as Tori's masterpiece album. There is something completely ethereal about the sound of it, and almost every song is a total gem. It is always in my top two albums of all time, and it sounds fucking amazing in the summer! I know we posted a thread in @forumz about the sound of certain albums during different seasons. This is a total sunny, sweaty, hot day album!

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    I love Scarlet's Walk. I think she was truly inspired by something outside of herself and her relationships for this record, and it shows. She really tapped into the collective conscious of America right after 9/11 happened and gave us a work of art that presented a sonic representation of what it's like to travel across the country.

    The songs are all great, her voice sounds good, the concept isn't overdone...She really hit the mark in a polished way here.

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    This is an album i keep returning to, to this day, of all of her albums. Mature, to the point, and beautiful. It's her lyrical peak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arsonist samael View Post
    This is an album i keep returning to, to this day, of all of her albums. Mature, to the point, and beautiful. It's her lyrical peak.
    I agree, it is the album I turn to the most. It is full of extraordinary songs; the only fault is the mixing which is a bit suffocating.

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    If it had been mixed more like Strange Little Girls, but with less emphasis on the vocals, I think the production would have been better.

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    my resentment towards Scarlet has cooled considerably. so much, in fact, i'd even say it's "a classic". there are still a few problems i have with the mixing and the overall "samey-ness", but the songs are (for the most part) very well written and you can tell she put a lot of effort into it. (i also dislike how many of the songs end with a monotone, drawn out, sustained note.) it's her Red Shoes. not a classic like the days of old, but still a worthy release.

    in recent months, i've found myself playing it more than any other tori album. songs that never impressed me (strange, crazy, pancake, another girl's paradise) have been screaming for my attention. 8 years ago, i was in a state of disappointment. today, we're in puppy love. Scarlet's like that person you meet at work and immediately judge, knowing you're never going to have anything in common. later, without you hardly noticing, you're playing pranks on one another and start going out for drinks. before you know it, they're naked in your bed. Scarlet has seduced me. i have to hand it to her, she has tenacity.

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    I really liked SW from the get go. Each time I listened to it in the early days I liked it more and more. While I like it, it's not my favorite. And while it's not my favorite, I think it is her best on a lot of levels. My username isn't so much a reflection of my love for the album so much as I wanted a tori-related username and it was available.

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    The best tori album, IMO. her voice is perfect, and songs like "A Sorta Fairytale" "Carbon" "Pancake" "Taxi Ride" "Virginia" are hunting and breathtaking.
    the album was maybe a little bit too good and well received , cause since then she thinks that every album should be long. (it's not, T, trust me).

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    I remember looking forward to this record and the lead single really set my expectations high. On the first listen, by Your Cloud, I felt like I was suffering from sugar bloat, everything was so soft and sweet sonically, which came as a shock after the edgy rawness of her previous albums. After a few spins I came to terms with it and could appreciate the song writing itself beneath the sonic fairy floss.

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    My favorite Tori album, and her best, IMO. The pinnacle of her songwriting skills. Just the right combination of "confessionalism" and cryptic poetry; not too far in either direction. Perfection.
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    I found the Australian 2 for 1 box of Scarlet's Walk and The Beekeeper yesterday for 3.99 so I had to buy it. I didn't own the non-limited edition of either of them. It's nice to open the jewel cases and their discs are just there. I know I'll love not having to struggle with packets of seeds or sticker sheets to listen to them anymore! LOL

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    Although it is not my favorite Tori album, a few songs from it are definitely the best of her career. Virginia. Pancake. Taxi Ride. Just to name a few. Also, I love the sound of this album. I love the imagery. I love the feeling. It's a long one, but damn is it cohesive and perfect in so many ways. Bravo for pulling out a radio hit like A Sorta Fairytale too! I have to be in a very specific mood for this album, but I think it's gorgeous.
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