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Thread: Scarlet's Walk

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    Scarlet's Walk without Scarlet's Walk, Carbon, and Another Girl's Paradise is insanity, insanity I tell you!

    (but really, it *is* insanity!)

    If I were going to swap some Treasures for standard album tracks, I would *consider* dropping:

    -DMMCTV for Mountain
    -Sweet Sangria for Tombigbee

    As much as I love Ruby, Apollo, and Seaside, they don't quie fit on the album to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherNamedErised View Post
    "Strange" on the other hand is about as interesting to me as watching paint dry, and it's not getting anywhere near my iTunes anytime soon. That's all.

    Breathing..... breathing my mother in. Out in out in out in out in out in out in... (Kate Bush).

    `Strange` you think that way (IMO). See what I did there!?

    I do hope the glory of Strange hits you one day. One of my top on SW.

    Different strokes I know. It would just be cute if you were able to love another Tori song - that many others love Only looking out for your best interest & enjoyment
    Robbing the muse...

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    There's a part of me that hates that this might be true, but this improv from 2003 sounds shockingly like the origin of Pink and Glitter...

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    It sounds more like a variation of the 'Next Week' improv from the Scarlet tour. A few of her improvs over the years have shared the same DNA.

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    Reading about the dreadful events in Charlottesville and trying to cope with how in 2017 is it allowed for men to wave Nazi flags, carry all kinds of guns on them and then go back home just like that after wreaking havoc...

    And then Virginia plays and it still feels as authentic as ever.

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    ^ Amen, Rabih.

    I was listening to Pancake a lot today, which I think has so much relevance to what's going on in our country. But beyond that, I was thinking a lot about the title and the last line. "I ordered you a pancake." I've seen a lot of fans (here and otherwise) slag off that line as being cutesy or weird or out of context. Like, "Oh, so what, he ordered you a pancake. Maybe he just knows you that well. What difference does it make?"

    I couldn't disagree more. I think that line is the crux of the whole song, and the whole matter. To me, the song is drawing a line from a seemingly-innocuous level of assumption to the toxic attitudes and behaviors that poison America. Toxic masculinity being first and foremost.
    "See everything as an illusion, and enjoy it even though you are not of it."
    ~Alanis Morissette, paraphrased

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    I remember someone saying that Dr. Ed said at one of the shows that the pancake is the Eucharist, but I think it equally represents someone, after listening to all the truth bombs that are dropped in the song, just ignored it all and says "Oh, I ordered for you, you're getting what you get." It's powerful precisely because it seems innocuous.
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    Of all of Tori's albums, I feel like SW needs editing the least. Removing Strange, or Carbon or The title track (wtf!) is insanity. If anything, I would add Tombigbee, Seaside and Indian Summer and make it a proper double album! With Mountain released as an official B-side of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beelust View Post

    I do hope the glory of Strange hits you one day. One of my top on SW.
    Facts. "Blue isn't red, everybody knows this." One of the best lines for me, ever.

    That said, I've never been able to get into Mountain. I'm one of seven people total, I think.

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    I'm so happy there's love for Strange here. I thought I was the only one who really liked it. it's one of the best songs on an album full of great songs.
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    I must confess I am also guilty of having tampered with Scarlet as well
    -time moves both ways-

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    I'm building a playlist that includes the full SW along with the b-side/Scarlet's Web/Scarlet's Hidden Treasures tracks. I'm keeping the original sequence of the album but putting the extras in where they belong geographically, according to to the official map. Does anyone know where I should place Mountain, Ruby, Bug, Apollo, or Indian? I found where Tori meant for the others to be from quotes on yessaid but haven't been able to find anything else. I'm gonna check the wayback machine on hereinmyhead to see if they had any quotes yessaid didn't. Any help would be immensely appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by obsceno pajaro View Post
    I'm so happy there's love for Strange here. I thought I was the only one who really liked it. it's one of the best songs on an album full of great songs.
    I think Strange is a GOOD song that's full of unexpected but very subtle twists that make it interesting. It's just surrounded by a lot of really great material, so it gets overshadowed a bit.

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