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Thread: American Doll Posse

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    The ADP tour brought her to Greece for the first time, and so I always feel a little grateful for this entire era by association... And the Doll concept worked far better onstage than it did on the record, which is to say it was mildly tolerable rather than actively infuriating.

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    This is my ADP playlist -- mostly live, with every single track included plus b-sides.

    Body & Soul (live Provinssirock)
    Bouncing Off Clouds (AOL sessions)
    Father's Son
    Programmable Soda/Velvet Revolution (suite)
    Big Wheel (AOL sessions)
    Digital Ghost
    Almost Rosey
    Roosterspur Bridge (vocals turned down mix)
    Beauty of Speed
    Girl Disappearing (live in Lawrence)
    Secret Spell (live Provinssirock)
    Teenage Hustling
    You Can Bring Your Dog
    Mr. Bad Man
    Fat Slut/Smokey Joe
    Devils and Gods (extended live in DC)
    Code Red (live in Philly)
    Dark Side of the Sun (Yanta's instrumental lol)
    Posse Bonus
    Yo George (live in Indianapolis)
    My Posse Can Do
    Drive All Night

    I know, it makes no sense, but whatever. Some of the album versions are just too lame.
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