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Thread: Abnormally Attracted to Sin

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    ^ thank you! I never really understood the song at all. But I rather like your interpretation.

    And the kids whose wishes would be dashed upon those cliffs if she jumped would be her fans - who she is a mother to in a sense...

    It also makes a lot of sense with Not Dying Today (driving on her way to a show) before Maybe California and then having Curtain Call after it in the sequence of the album.

    Now I feel like Curtain Call should have come first, then Maybe California and NDT should have been towards the end near Fast Horse (or kicked off of course).

    The whole album is rather depressing really. I wish she told the story a bit better - it could have been an interesting, dark Tori album. I do see a theme/story line:

    I must GIVE so that I can live (my life even while touring can be depressing).
    Welcome to England (sarcasm), bring your own sun (where I live is depressing).
    Submission (the world and all its problems is also depressing).
    Flavor (If I were to take a step back and look at the big picture, things may no longer be depressing).
    Not dying today (I am happy for the moment).
    Maybe California (maybe making it to California on my tour will cheer me up so I stop feeling suicidal).
    Curtain Call (a reason for why I am feeling suicidal).
    Fire to your Plain (Madonna always cheers me up when I feel like shit).
    Police Me (I should be in jail for thinking of suicidal thoughts).
    That Guy (Mark is a reason I should not kill myself).
    AATS (Suicide is a sin).
    500 Miles (Got the munchies - bring me some bread Mark).
    Mary Jane (reason for having the munchies).
    Starling (paranoid from Mary Jane - does Mark hate me?).
    Fast Horse (no Mark does not hate me - he is a fast horse).
    Ophelia (back to my death thoughts - Ophelia is a ghost who has been visiting me lately).
    Lady in Blue (I should wear blue more as it looks good with my red hair - too bad I fucked up the end of this song in studio).
    Oscars' Theme (my dog died).
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    After listening to this album again recently I realised (probably not for the first time) it's not the music that bothers me, it's the treatment on Tori's vocal that turns me off. They have had noise reduction effects added on top of them to the point they've become nasally and literally breathless. Why?!
    They say you were something in those formative years...

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    'Cuz she's a life ruiner. She ruins people's lives.

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    I've always defended AATS, but I was also severely depressed for a solid decade. When I was first starting to feel a lot better, I grabbed the CD one day when I was headed out the door, listened for about half of it, went, "Omg, I never realized how soulless this music sounds..." and that's probably the last time I'll be listening to it. The production is just about flawless, the arrangements are tight, but it just sounds like it was recorded by a clone of Tori Amos, not the actual Tori Amos. I really couldn't hear it before. I'm grateful Tori's more herself again... and that I am, too. I appreciate Native Invader a lot more after listening to this again.

    ETA: On Maybe California, I always thought the song was about Tori's sojourn to California in 2008, or perhaps the depression that brought it about, which was understandable as she seemed fairly convinced her career was effectively over. I know she went to LA to film with Christian Lamb, but she had seemed a bit grim in some of the interviews during the ADP tour, talking as if it were the last tour and she just wanted to go out with a bang. I think the fan rejection of The Beekeeper hurt her and Sony was just as determined to torture her as Atlantic had been. TBK is an odd duck of an album, but I think she really loved it, I know Matt and Jon did, and her later demeaning of it seemed more to save face. When she did the webchat at her friend's house in Cali in 2008, she was even thinner and seemed frail and well, depressed. I don't think it was just the botox. I don't know, just a thought.
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