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Thread: "Lady Problems" and other shit we have to deal with...

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    OH GOD! O_O I would have passed out!

    I hit my boobs on EVERYTHING. My desk, doors, myself... glad your nip survived!
    You don't have to do everything all by yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayPeaches View Post
    OMG I was looking for this thread this morning!

    I SLAMMED MY BOOB (well, mostly my nipple) IN A DRAWER LAST NIGHT. I can't explain how because I'm not even sure how it happened.

    I hit the floor and screamed for about five minutes. My nipple hurt so bad I was sure it had been torn off. It was...bloody. But intact.
    I thought of you when I bent over weird and bonked my nipple on the shopping cart handle today at the grocery store. I yelped and was very glad no one saw me feeling myself up in the cooler section.

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