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Thread: What's the last book you read?

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    History Of Violence by Edouard Louis...a man looks back at Christmas Eve, when a guy approached him on the street, how he finally took him home, and how he got a bit crazy there

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    Finished Circe for my local book club.
    Really amazing read. Madeline Miller, Yas Greek Gods!
    I think the success and praise the book has had on Goodreads and just word of mouth is due to it being one of the lesser, lesser known goddesses. Although, I never felt like Miller was making up too much that wasn't in the Classics. The myths just seem to waft through Circe's story in this really well-written way. A smooth way. I couldn't put the book down.

    Another thing that makes the book so successful is the relatability. A young woman with many siblings, ignored by her father, horrible mother/daughter relationship, despised by her sister, betrayed by the only person who showed any care for her (another sibling), exiled, finds this strength she didn't know she had, thrives, is needed by family that treated her like dirt. Has many lovers, many loses. And then in the end...
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    Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

    Finished late last night and had actual nightmares. Yes, it's bleak and extremely violent throughout, but so beautifully written. Having said that, at times the first 300 pages or so were a bit of a slog. But the last 50 pages were riveting as fuck, and the final outcome truly horrific.

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