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Thread: Aimee Mann

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    ^ LOVE that cover. such a perfectly suited song for her. it's available on Spotify too.

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    Just read that Aimee won a grammy and found this little gem

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    At her concert in Millenium Park (Chicago, Il) last night, Aimee brought Ted Leo out and shared that he was in town with her because they are recording a new podcast (I think they said it will be called The Process, but I might be wrong about that).

    They aren’t sure when the podcast will come out, but the general idea is that they’ll be interviewing artists about their artistic process. Sounded cool.

    (Also, her show was fantastic. It’s been a long time since I last saw her live and she really delivered!)

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    I saw her for the first time at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City last month and agree she sounded fantastic; great mix of new and old songs. Jonathan Coulton (who co-wrote much of Mental Illness) was the opener and I got there just in time to see Aimee come out and join for three of his songs (and of course he returned the favor during her set). The banter was top-notch, as were the tunes!

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