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Thread: Lena Dunham's Girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    I felt bad for Marnie when Hannah's mom walked in on her video sexing. I don't care how old you are, the only thing worse than YOUR parents walking in on that is your FRIEND'S parents.
    The way she came out of the room in long sleeves and matching pajama pants with the pigtails!

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    I just rewatched Goodbye Tour (the second to last episode) and that final sequence at the engagement party should've just ended the whole series, it was perfectly done.

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    Goodbye Tour is a great episode. I love Shoshanna in it. Her evolution, though kind of extreme, actually feels authentic, she really pulled it off I think. And I think the actress who plays Jessa was particularly good and believable as well in the scene where she and Hannah finally talk about their issues. I love the metaphor (or the implication, I guess) of the girls dancing alone/together.

    But apart from the Girls, I really love Elijah in the episode. I love how he barks at Hannah: "What are you going to do?... TEACH? WRITE? LIVE IN A HOUSE?!" and then when he barges into the bathroom to announce that he got the part in White Men, calls them "feckless whores" and announces that he will be partying in celebration until noon the next day. So punchy. Such a vinegary panache. Andrew R really created and embodied that character, the only character on the show who would actually be fun to hang out with IMO.

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