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Thread: Mike's Photos of Everything

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    Mike's Photos of Almost Everything

    I got a Fujifilm Finepix S2970 for Christmas and have gotten to a stage where I'm taking some reasonably decent photos.

    Over the last few months, boyfriend and I have been building up a reef tank. We upgraded over the weekend, and I got some pictures of it. Just corals at the minute.

    The Tank

    The Zoas

    Fire & Ice Zoa

    Possibly Eye of Ra Zoa

    More to follow as the tank progresses.

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    That first photo is completely gorgeous. The way all the lines, with the slope of the hill and the grasses and the leaves and the trees themselves, all seem to point and lean in that same north-easterly direction, and the way the trees are centered brings a kind of serene, natural order to the windy chaos. It's a wonderful portrait of a blustery day.

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    ^Thank you

    Nothing too exciting here, Nina, one of our tank's clean-up crew was out on a wander recently:

    Oh hai!

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    oh, cute!
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    A few photos of Sandi Toksvig from a recent show:

    She was wonderfully funny

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    When i was little she was absolutely brilliant in the saturday morning kids show "number 73", the sandwich game was sooo funny. Anyway, i still find her funny - great pics Mike

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    So I mostly failed at getting decent photos during the recent snow due to a variety of factors (note: take photos once it's stopped snowing, or the flakes go on your lens...) but I was quite pleased with this one, which was just me practicing with a GND lens:

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    A couple of close-ups of an icy bush:

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    ^ Nice. I love photos of ice.
    Maybe for once, someone will call me "Sir" without adding, "You're making a scene."

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    Just been playing about with my new camera!

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    gorgeous and vivid colors!

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    The sun was out today and so were these little guys.

    0169 Nibble nibble by Scottish Mike, on Flickr

    0145 Squirrel Hanging by Scottish Mike, on Flickr

    0196 On the Fence by Scottish Mike, on Flickr

    0205 Squirrel with nut by Scottish Mike, on Flickr

    0226 Nut in Mouth by Scottish Mike, on Flickr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottish Mike View Post
    Just been playing about with my new camera!

    Love these!

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    i love your squirrel/nut pic! and now that i know yore on flickr, we're bffs.

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