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Thread: Think Before You Breed

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    it's a long long climb Kari's Avatar
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    Honestly, men past 50 are pushing it. Especially if the woman is over 35...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kala View Post
    hah! that was just the men from ages 55-60 mind.
    there are literally hundreds more out there on that site between 50-54 who want young women to breed with.
    I absolutely do not doubt it for one second.

    Conversely, how many women are advertising in the grand hope of scoring a partner half their age?

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    A Matter Of How You See It Kala's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by julius ebola View Post
    What is so hard about being realistic?
    Being realistic means facing up to your life's choices including decisions to wait until "someday" to have a child - just not right now, not yet, there's still time, 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40, blah blah

    Conversely, how many women are advertising in the grand hope of scoring a partner half their age?
    I did a reverse search of ages 50-60 and there are 68 women within a 25 mile radius who want kids. That's v. 339 men in the same age group. So only about 17% of the women are advertising for this kind of fuckery.

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    I'm pretty sure he said "Killdren". Stone's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by julius ebola View Post's embarrassing to watch and it results in kids who are ugly, vile bastards who no-one likes, not even other kids. And it's everywhere. Every time I go to the post office, for starters, there's some yummy mummy with an infantilised, sing-song voice and some irksome, beribboned little ape she has no idea how to teach to behave in public. Ugh.
    I was reading this thread the other day but what I quoted above, especially the bolded part, reminded me of my cousin and her horrible, horrible 9-year-old.

    My cousin has horrible eating habits (zero vegetables, a lot of processed foods, usually buys canned shit) and, naturally, has never taught her kid to eat healthily, despite me offering to teach her how to cook certain things and helping her select her grocery shopping- so we are having homemade hamburgers at this place that has a huge table with a vast diversity of chopped vegetables that you can add to your food (they have other things aside from hamburgers, with shrimp, octopus, etc.), so she decides to start being a parent at this place, in public, and adds a bunch of vegetables to the kid's hamburger.

    The kid silently puts the vegetables next to the hamburger and starts eating it without them. My cousin then starts to yell at the kid, hysterically, demanding he eat the vegetables, and the horrible kid starts yelling back, screaming that he hates them, etc. I find a moment of quiet to tell her that she should probably have taught the kid to eat vegetables when he was, you know, growing up. Not tonight. She then resumes the yelling and the kid starts to cry and throw a tantrum, kicking the table and spilling drinks.

    It was beyond embarrassing, so I said to both of them, with a firm voice, "both of you, stop or I'll go to the next table and sit by myself and pretend I don't know you". That was the last time I had dinner with them.

    Needless to say, she is the kind of parent that will run and buy whatever the kid asks for. She will not ask anything of him. Not even basic stuff like put your plates away, make your bed, etc. She then has to deal with his horrible attitude when she realizes maybe the kid is old enough to start helping around the house. Other relatives hardly ever invite them over because of the kid's behaviour, which at this point has grown very violent.

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