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Thread: Guess Who Died? (The Dead Celebrities Thread)

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    The reaction to CK's death is similar to Anderson's. Lots of people very sad, all saying the same words, sharing funny stories.

    Not to politicize things or denigrate Bush, but while I'm seeing a lot of RIP and comments, I'm not seeing the same kind of personal sadness. Maybe that's the difference between the kind of famous people they were or something, but it makes me saddest when other people are clearly very sad too, and CK and HA are making people very sad.

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    Maybe because Barbara Bush was 92? She got to live a full, rich life. I don’t know about the other guy, but Anderson was only 65. Plus, he was working right up to the end, so that indicates it was unexpected.
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    He was 28.
    Damn, he was so young.
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    Avicii's loss is such a shock. It's a terrible shame to see anyone gone so young. Apparently, he was dealing with an unspecified health problem for some time. RIP.

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    Verne Troyer, aka Mini-Me from Austin Powers, passed away at 49. Apparently he was suicidal and drunk recently and was taken to the hospital, potentially for alcohol poisoning. He’d been on some kind of life support since earlier this month.

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