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Thread: What a Drag it is Getting Old!

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    not sure
    My vision!!!

    I have to take off my glasses to read and use my computer! I also need much more light to read!

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    The last couple weeks have been a nightmare. I hurt my ankle ages ago and it mostly healed, but started acting up again. Then my opposite calf/knee is bothering me suddenly. I can't even limp properly. I fucked up my finger somehow and it doesn't hurt unless I move it while lifting something WHICH I KEEP FORGETTING.

    I went to bed at 1030pm last night so I could get a good start to today because I had a lot of things to do. I woke up early, but then had to take a nap, and then got a massive headache and was unable to do anything the rest of the day. While I'm too young for menopause, I'm not too young for early menopause. Or it could just be my IUD. But I'm all over the place and I don't know if my headache is from my cycle or allergies or if i'm literally falling apart.

    Like even five years ago if I were in this much pain and weird shit was happening? I'd be able to pinpoint what it is or isn't. I could chalk it up to cycle or I could freak out and run to the doctor. But now I'm in the gray zone where I eat my body weight in ibuprofen or aleve and hope the following day gets better OR AT LEAST I DON'T GET ANOTHER PHANTOM INJURY.

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