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Thread: Joanna Newsom - Divers - Oct 23rd (NEW ALBUM THREAD)

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    Also, the title track! So goddamn beautiful! Another underrated one! I may not connect to the lyrics but when youre cruising around at night and The Things I Say ends and the opening harp notes are plucked on Divers, it just makes you feel something strong inside.

    There are certain songs that you might not connect with lyrically but there is such a strong musical connection made through listening to it, it's as if the lyrics don't matter. That's how I feel about the title track. She could be saying anything at all and it wouldn't make a difference, I'd love it all the same. The composition of the song just feels so right.
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    Divers , the song, is ❤️ .

    Just coming in to say that I listened to HOOM for the first time in awhile and my goodness why do I not listen to it every damn day?! It's astonishing, really. And it has everything I love about her. I can get lost in that album and its images SO hard. It's so cinematic to me. I feel like I've watched a movie when it's done. It also came out right after I moved to NYC and turned 30 so it's very sprcial for me. I can smell the train, the streets of Bushwick, the bodega that was below me. It's the same feeling I get with BFP and therefore, it has to be an effing masterpiece ( it is).
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