okay ya'll....Xavier asked the question tonight. Rather he asked "how to babies get inside the mom?"

I've been open with him about the human body, he knows all the body parts and such. But this is the first time he's really had that type of question. So we had a good little talk about it, I started by asking him if he really wanted to know how it happened and when he said yes I told him that fathers use their sperm to join with the mother's egg in the mom's body and that makes a baby.

X: okay, but how does it get in the body?
Me: the mom and dad have sex.
Me: *laugh* well, that's how it happens.

We had a conversation about puberty, he asked if growing armpit hair will hurt (LOL) and when Abby will have to start wearing a bra. He asked about different animals and why some lay eggs and some have babies.

It was a good talk, and I am so glad he felt able to ask me these questions. I told him I would always be honest with him and tell him the truth about anything he wanted to know. I did advise him that it's probably not a good idea to share the info at school, just in case other parents don't share the same information with their kids.

THAT SAID, do you all have any resources, either online or books, that I can use for when he (and Abby) have questions in the future?