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Thread: Tori Setlist Database ( is Up

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    sing to the moon dAmION's Avatar
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    LA area.
    ^She ALWAYS mixes it up.

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    See that sweet Jesus! silver's Avatar
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    Hey, great site! I think you're missing Wild Way from Dublin btw.

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    ancient savageries Andreas's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by dAmION View Post
    ^She ALWAYS mixes it up.
    Yeah, I know, she did 150+ different songs on the NOH tour. But just a few days ago people were bitching about the first set and speculating that she might not vary he sets that much this time around.

    And 59 different songs in 5 shows is impressive even for Tori.

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    Senior Member Venus_Envy's Avatar
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    just a heads up, Luxembourg 2009 is missing
    ~just an underwater thing~

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    Thanks for the kind words, all. It's great to know that people are still using the site. Venus - I added Lux (great find!) and a couple others mentioned missing Wild Way from that Dublin site. Keep the corrections coming!

    Just a little history, I started this in '96 when I hit a few Tori shows because I was also absolutely floored at how many different songs she sang on tour. I originally just had some PERL scripts that I ran manually and then sent out periodic updates to one of the mailing lists at the time. I think it was '98 that I actually made it into a web site.

    Hoping to hit two shows on this tour - not as easy anymore that real life has caught up with me!

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    really a wonderful site! thumbs up for this comprehensive work.

    I guess I spotted another left out. I guess she played Flying Dutchman at all the 5 full orchestra concerts in 2012. yet, for the show on October 2 it's missing

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    Thanks! Got it.

    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceDoggy View Post
    I guess she played Flying Dutchman at all the 5 full orchestra concerts in 2012. yet, for the show on October 2 it's missing

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    I also just want to say I love your database, it is a fantastic resource - thank you for all the work you're doing on it

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    and it sounds like all our lives Kari's Avatar
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    Agreed!!! Been using this site a long time.

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    Surrender, then start your engines OrenLovesTori's Avatar
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    Hey Sped than you so much for Toriset!

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