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Thread: XP to Vista

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    XP to Vista

    My old but incredibly functional laptop has XP. I am giving it to a family member whose computer went out. They need something for internet access badly. The problem is that when I did an update it said that I needed to update to Vista (at least) that is as far as the laptop can go - what it is capable of.

    So I look on amazon, can't find anything.
    So I look on Ebay and find lots. I purchase a Vista Home 32 Bit with key for 49.99 free shipping. It doesn't work - the key never worked, I don't think and I am in the process of getting my money back.

    So what does my stupid ass decide to do. Google. I google "Free Download of Vista" - I'm obviously never going to find a DVD copy of the program (and if I'm going to pay the 229 for the brand new vista.. I could get a laptop with windows 7 for that amount on ebay or
    All the downloads have done nothing.

    So I go to and type in Free download of Windows Vista. I download so many torrents until I find something calledDaemon tools that uses and image called a crack or something. I follow all those steps.. and now I have vicious malaware. I can't open google chrome without it going to a page that is horrible, ad heavy, and slow.

    Can someone please tell me so I can at least quit if there is a way to find Vista online? Do you know of a link or a process?
    Should I just scrap the laptop? Beat the hell out of it with a hammer and throw it in the dumpster?
    I'm not re=installing XP to get rid of the V9 and other viruses because then I have to download all the drivers again.

    or maybe.. is there a way to add parts of vista to the xp I have.. hell, I don't know what I'm doing!
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    You could try Ubuntu (or Lubuntu). A whole lot better than Vista.

    Or just torrent Windows 7 and install it over the old system.

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