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Thread: Scavenger Hunts

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    Scavenger Hunts

    I'll be heading up to Vermont this weekend with a few friends to try the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge, which they bill as "An epic real life action-adventure game that is part unsolved mystery and part outdoor adventure."

    The Green Mountain Adventure Challenge begins with a story that leads to a set of clues - maybe an old letter or a grainy map - which lead to more clues, the end of the story and possibly... cash. Lots of cash.

    Solve the clues right the first time and you'll spend no more than 2 days exploring ancient forests, climbing mountain summits, solving mysterious codes and enjoying spectacular Vermont scenery.

    The clues are hidden in everyday places around town; on a hiking trail, at a bar, on a bridge or with the local townfolk, perhaps. The answers to some may be obvious while others may leave you stumped and wandering for hours - or days.
    Hiking mountain summits, solving codes and riddles, decoding vague old maps, finding your way through dense Vermont forest and other challenges await. At some point, you may end up lost and confused and want to give up - that's when the real challenge begins. About 35% of people that begin the Challenge give up and never finish it.
    When we booked it, I sort of imagined it would be a couple of nice days hiking through the woods. Then I read "the Adventure Challenge is a mentally and physically demanding event. This is not a couple of nice days hiking through the woods. You will be challenged, and possibly frustrated at times, and it requires a basic level of physical fitness to complete."

    I am mostly excited and now a little bit nervous. If I make it back, I will let you know how it goes.

    Anyone else done this? Or something like it? (Any tips?)

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    Hey, I did "Challenge" once, in Belgium. We could not win cash though. There was a lot of mud involved instead.
    It was so demanding, I was trashed afterwards. I had to track through forests over mountains through the mud. I had to crawl through pipes filled with mud. I had to wade through odd, creepy pools which put me up to my neck in mud. I had to zipline only to end up in a puddle of you know what. I had to abseil. And after all that, I had to learn how to shoot bow & arrow. Had nice time though.
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    That's really awesome, I'd love to do something like that. The concept of having the clues anywhere, even with random people, is really cool.

    Spikey, I did a Mud Run like that earlier this year to raise money for kids with cancer and had a hell of a time. It was such hard work but all the running, jumping and climbing through the mud was too much fun. Inspired me to get so much more fit.

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