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Thread: Transferring photos from an iPhone to a new computer

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    Transferring photos from an iPhone to a new computer

    I have been having the hardest time with this ... I had everything synced with my old computer but just got a new laptop and am having a hard time getting the photos from my iPhone onto it. I haven't "plugged" the phone into the new computer yet because I'm afraid of losing everything. I've tried iCloud but for some reason it doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas?

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    I'm assuming you have a windows pc: Scroll down a bit to get to Windows (8 and then 7):
    I hope it helps.

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    It depends what your looking to synch the photos to -- but I wouldn't be too worried about them dropping off your iPhone. Allowing a connection to iTunes and synching should be the easiest way to do the trick (or is designed to be either way). Alternately if you have a Dropbox account and app on the laptop they offer free cloudage upon plug-in.

    The new iPhone and mac OSs coming next week are supposed to make sharing between the two easier, if that's what your working with and plan to update.

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