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Thread: UG Tour Lossy (mp3) Bootlegs

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    UG Tour Lossy (mp3) Bootlegs

    As I mentioned in another thread, I'm going to slowly start uploading all of the bootlegs that have circulated in full to my MediaFire account. It might take me awhile to get everything up, so hopefully y'all can be patient. I figure this makes an easy directory though for those that don't use torrents or want lossless recordings.

    29/08/14 Update: Go to the bottom of this post for a best-of compilation featuring the best performances of all original & cover songs along with bonus performances

    *Unavailable indicates that the show has not surfaced or was not recorded
    *Recorded indicates that the show has confirmed to be recorded but I do not have it or it has not surfaced
    *Red text for shows that haven't happened yet
    *Asterisks next to high quality/best performance (IMO) shows

    5/05/14 Cork IE
    5/07/14 Dublin IE
    5/08/14 Dublin IE*
    5/10/14 Glasgow UK
    5/11/14 Manchester UK*
    5/12/14 Birmingham UK
    5/14/14 Nottingham UK
    5/15/14 London UK
    5/17/14 Paris FR
    5/19/14 Frankfurt DE*
    5/20/14 Berlin DE
    5/22/14 Oslo NO (Unavailable)
    5/24/14 Copenhagen DK
    5/25/14 Hamburg DE
    5/26/14 Rotterdam NL
    5/28/14 Brussels BE*
    5/29/14 Amsterdam NL*
    5/31/14 Zürich CH*
    6/02/14 Rome IT
    6/03/14 Milan IT
    6/04/14 Padua IT
    6/06/14 Vienna AT
    6/07/14 Linz AT (Unavailable)
    6/09/14 Stuttgart DE*
    6/10/14 Munich DE (Unavailable)
    6/11/14 Prague CZ
    6/12/14 Warsaw PL
    6/14/14 St. Petersburg RU
    6/15/14 Moscow RU
    6/19/14 Bucharest RO (Unavailable)
    6/20/14 Sofia BG
    6/22/14 Instanbul TR

    6/26/14 Johannesburg ZA
    6/27/14 Johannesburg ZA
    6/29/14 Cape Town ZA
    6/30/14 Cape Town ZA

    7/16/14 Vancouver BC (Unavailable)
    7/17/14 Seattle WA
    7/18/14 Portland OR
    7/19/14 Jacksonville OR
    7/21/14 Oakland CA
    7/23/14 Los Angeles CA
    7/24/14 San Diego CA
    7/25/14 Mesa AZ*
    7/27/14 Denver CO
    7/29/14 Dallas TX
    7/30/14 Austin TX
    8/01/14 St. Louis MO
    8/02/14 Kansas City CO
    8/03/14 St. Paul MN
    8/05/14 Chicago IL
    8/06/14 Detroit MI (Recorded)
    8/07/14 Cleveland Heights OH*
    8/08/14 Toronto ON
    8/10/14 Philadelphia PA
    8/12/14 New York NY*
    8/13/14 New York NY*
    8/15/14 Boston MA
    8/16/14 Washington DC
    8/18/14 Nashville TN
    8/19/14 Atlanta GA
    8/20/14 Durham NC*
    8/22/14 Clearwater FL
    8/23/14 Orlando FL
    8/24/14 Miami Beach FL

    11/11/14 Sydney AU (Unavailable)
    11/12/14 Sydney AU (Recorded)
    11/15/14 Melbourne AU (Unavailable)
    11/16/14 Adelaide AU (Unavailable)
    11/18/14 Perth AU (Unavailable)
    11/20/14 Sydney AU (Recorded)
    11/21/14 Brisbane AU (Unavailable)

    Songs Performed on This Tour & Debut Dates (Updated 20/11/14):

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour (Live Compilation) Tracklisting & Download Links
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    That's a great idea! I've been slightly out of the loop with the bootleg releases for the last few weeks, so this should help me to get my 2014 collection organized

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    you are a goddamn babe.

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    They say you were something in those formative years...

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    Thank you!!

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    Oh! !!!! Thank you!

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    Arpeggiator Hell

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    So I've added about 20 recordings since my initial post w/ the three I converted in other threads. I'm uploading five more this afternoon and then should be getting the other remaining ones up in the coming days. I might start ripping YouTube audio of the exclusives that didn't end up recorded part of full bootlegs (Rise Like a Phoenix, Abnormally Attracted, Father's Son, etc) as some sort of orphaned compilation but I think YT audio is pretty universally reviled for fair reason and so I might wait till after the tour ends in case something surfaces... Thoughts?

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    Update: I'm uploading London and San Diego, which are the last of the currently available bootlegs. I'll keep posting recordings as they surface. I did some editing on the LA recording as the crowd is horrifyingly annoying and the post-CFG banter in the crowd is insufferable. So... hopefully you're not a purist to the point where you need all three minutes of encore break. Because it ain't there anymore.

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    THANK YOU for doing this! This is amazing

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    Thanks for all your hard work
    *How many fates turned around in the overtime*

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    Did no one manage to record Mesa? WOW, that's unfortunate.

    I very much appreciate you and that you're putting these up. THANK YOU.

    edit: nm, maybe it'll pop up at some point!
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    Working on tagging and converting the two Cape Town shows and Mesa. I think I should have them up in a couple hours.

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    Vienna show is up on Afterglow.

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