Premium memberships are now available on Unforumzed. This subscription will add additional features/options to your account and grant you access to The Money Pit, an unmoderated area of Unforumzed. Members who sign up for a Premium subscription must be 18+ due to mature content in The Money Pit.

Premium features include:

  • Access to The Money Pit (Drama! Deathwatches! Stuff too gross for OIT!) and Sexxxors (a clothing-optional forum)
  • Bold username in the color of your choice
  • Invisible Mode to avoid showing up on the Who's Online list
  • Change username (once every 30 days)
  • No "Edited..." message if you edit a post
  • Storage space for 200 Private Messages (up from 50 on a normal account)
  • Profile Page customization (edit font size, font family, colors, background images, borders, and privacy settings)
  • Profile Picture (300x300 pixels, 150KB)
  • Increased Avatar file size (100x100 pixels, 50KB)
  • Ability to see who left you dots/reputation messages
  • Create blogs
  • Personal photo album (up to 100 pictures @ 1024x1024 pixels each)

How do I become a Premium Member?:

You must have 25 posts before you are given the option to buy a Premium Membership. Once you have the required number of posts, follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings in the top right corner of the forum
  2. Click Paid Subscriptions in the list of options on the left
  3. Find the color you'd like to use and select a subscription from the drop-down menu. Subscriptions are available for 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year.
  4. Click the Order button. This will redirect you to PayPal where you may log into your PayPal account to complete the purchase.

At this time, PayPal is the only accepted method of payment.

I paid! Where is my premium status?:
Depending on the payment method you choose through PayPal, sometimes it takes a short while before your payment clears. Check by PayPal sometimes takes up to 7 days. You'll be made premium when an Admin or Super Moderator sees that your payment has cleared.

I'd like to buy a gift membership for someone else:
Please contact an Admin to gift a subscription to another member.

Ha ha, I tricked you! I changed my name and saw all the peens and then disputed my PayPal charge!:
Nice try. Unless you made an honest mistake and needed the charge reversed or disputed, you will be banned permanently. If you did purchase a membership in error, please contact an admin/supermod and explain the situation so that no action is taken against you.

What are you doing with the money from these Premium memberships?:
We're paying bills! Money from Premium subscriptions will go toward the server bill and the yearly renewal fee for the domain name. It will also be used to purchase any additional software that we may choose to add here in the future, whether that be a vBulletin extension/add-on or something stand-alone. If the memberships are successful I may adjust the pricing down a bit. My intention is not to make money.

Any questions regarding a Premium account should be directed to Ryan or a supermod.