I have always been a candle person. I love getting those huge Yankee Candle's.. Christmas Spice.. ooyeaaa

A friend was telling me about this device called and ultrasonic diffuser. It's a devise that apparently uses sonic waves to disperse essential oils and water in a fine mist.

Well, I got my diffuser and I can't tell you how much it has changed my life. But I want to go further and was hoping others on here could share some of their favorite oil recipes (mixing oils) or just what essential oil they enjoy the most.

Also, I want to get a diffuser for each room of my apartment. I have a small one that lasts about 3 hours. I want to get one that lasts 9 hours and there are few brands but I don't want one that uses heat or is a humidifier combination.
I just want to use one that is ULTRASONIC.

Mine is a ZAQ Allay Ultramist. And it is amazing.. but I'm so scared that i'm going to overuse it. (run it to death)

IF you don't have a diffuser, I really suggest getting one. They help with so many things. Mine has a soft LED lighting (is that an oxymoron?) lol
I don't have one that makes white noise like the MadeByZen brands that you can only find in the UK. I want a large MadebyZen diffuser but it's 40 bucks alone to ship it.
Oh, so how does it help. Well, an essential oil like lavender, which is the most popular, helps people relax, distress, sleep. It also makes your house smell delightful. It does the work of 20 candles and all diffusers shut off after the tank is emptied.

So far I have these essential oils:
Lemon Grass
Tea Tree
Sweet Orange

I only had lavender at first. Then I got Eucalyptus and Lemon.
I know Eucalyptus helps if you're under the weather.
I know that peppermint helps you wake up (it's very very strong and I can't use more than 1 drop anymore)
Sweet Orange is lovely.. all the citrus oils help with skin and so many other things.
Right now I love using 5 drops of Lemon Grass, 2 drops Lavender, 3-4 drops of Sweet Orange, 1 drop of Eucalyptus and Lemon each.
And right now I have Lavender and Tea Tree together diffusing.

Some people have mixtures with certain types of teas that kill germs in the air. I hope to discover that trick with the flu season coming up.

So.. do you have a diffuser? What brand? What oils are your favorite?