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Thread: Screw it, Taylor Swift gets her own thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SloppyJane View Post
    Damn, Swift looks good as a man.

    And I want to add that I think this is a good video and it might be useful.
    Because I think about it this way. Does Taylor have anything new or deep to say about feminism and gender equality? Maybe, but she hasn't said it yet. And let's be honest, if somebody want to hear new perspectives about feminism, they're not going to go to Taylor Swift for that.
    But there's a HUGE amount of people out there who doesn't understand even the simplest thing about gender equality. This video is for that people and their children, because they are so out of touch with the concept of equality that it's almost imperative to talk to them as they are babies and explain the topic in the simplest way. Feminism for dummies.

    The song is not single material, but I applaud the intention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plastic•husband View Post
    Her "commentary " songs/videos are just painfully on the nose.
    I loved her Yntcd since it was high in camp, cheeky and had great cameos. But yeah, this is a bit, ehh, childish and way too cliché in its approach.
    (also, why bother with the reveal it was her in make-up in the end, I thought it was glaringly obvious)

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