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Thread: What's your Björk collection like?

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    What's your Björk collection like?

    They have an interesting thread going at Björk 4um on this but I was wondering how unforumzeders compare. Assuming you have many of the major album releases, what are some interesting B things you own and which ones are your favourites?

    My Homogenic-era VHS + CD box sets of Hunter, AIFOL, Alarm Call and Bachelorette are my favourites, especially Bachelorette as it was given to me as a present by my sister.

    One thing I somehow lost and mourn each day is my Post promo t-shirt (with the Post logo written on it in B's handwriting) which I bought and wore to death when Post came out first.

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    I have a bunch of Vespertine era CD singles, which have really nice artwork on them. That's pretty much it. When I was in Reykjavik recently there was a shop that had quite a few of Bjork vinyls, which looked beautiful, particularly the Volta singles. I would love to have those.
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    The Volta singles look really interesting, but they contain only remixes and I'm not a fan of Björk's mixes. I haven't bought Bastards yet...
    I have all her cds, including Glin-glo, except Bastards and Drawing Restaint 9. I have Joga's single. And Vespertine and Homogenic on vinyl. And that's it.
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    Some of her promo stuff is pretty cool, I always liked the Homogenic box set singles where you got the 3x CDs and the video.

    The Homogenic promo cassettes looked amazing, and I'm sure there was something cool on eBay recently, a random cd from vespertine era with different songs etc on it.

    Anyway....I have the heavyweight Homogenic and vespertine vinyls which are beautiful....

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