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Thread: The 2016 Presidential Commiseration Support Thread

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    Um...was just coming to post from daily Kos
    No public demonstrations in DC until March 1 from parks service at request of trump's team bc they need time to build & then break down stuff for inauguration...what are they going to build so grand that it will take that much time

    This is so ridiculous & sad

    Fly flags half mast for mourning of democracy

    Oh yeah Washington post article on the election & Russia too

    This just keeps getting uglier & uglier
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    A gibbet?
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    Jim Crow in Michigan: 87 vote machines broke in America’s blackest city on Election Day

    Did these massive malfunctions in Detroit cause votes in this 82.7% African-American city to not be counted? We don’t know yet, because the state of Michigan keeps trying to stave off a recount that might provide answers. Nor have we been told precisely why such an absurd number of machines in Detroit simultaneously malfunctioned. But whether it was some as-of-yet undocumented intentional sabotage, or whether it was simply a negligent lack of maintenance and replacement for the machines over the years, it’s clear that officials allowed a situation to happen in which the votes cast in Detroit were given less of an opportunity to be counted.

    On top of it, Michigan officials have passed a state law that says any time a vote counting machine breaks and thus causes it to display a different vote total than the one in the precinct log books, those votes legally can’t be recounted. This law was rather transparently designed to make sure that recounts can’t be used to rectify any uncounted votes when these machines break. And then officials in that same state negligently (or maliciously) allowed the majority of machines to break in the blackest city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carbuncle View Post
    This is a bafflingly fatuous argument that doesn't actually address my points about his glaring mental deficiencies. Yes regular politicians sometimes send people to war. He's capable of far, far worse -- he has zero impulse control, no real grasp of long-term thinking, and no self-restraint. He's inherently incapable of having any kind of cooperative working relationship, that I can see, with any human being, including everybody in his own staff and campaign. He could press buttons and send us into nuclear warfare. We've had normal politicians up to this point so there's actually no telling what he might do, the lives that might be lost, or the havoc he'll wreak.
    Quote Originally Posted by NUHN View Post
    I think many would beg to differ about our "normal" politicians thus far, that gave me a chuckle thanks. The rest of what you said is too hysterical and hypothetical to really respond to. I read it in the voice of Linda Hamilton uses when she first sees the Terminator in T2 and she says "he'll kill us all!!" and starts clumsily running away. I mean, really. I'm definitely not saying Trump isn't cause for some alarm but jeez dial it down some. What specific rhetoric or policy position are you upset over and give us the thumbnail of why you believe it will lead to a realistic chance of the kind of catastrophe you've implied. Everything you've said thus far is about Trump's (incredibly obnoxious) personality. And I'm sure you've heard the old saw about what types of minds discuss people and personalities.
    This was an argument from August of last year, and my predictions sound positively restrained and subdued compared to what's actually happening now. Wherever he is right now, NUHN can go fuck a chainsaw.

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    I wonder who he's gaslighting now?

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