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Thread: Concert tours and recordings

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    Concert tours and recordings

    I'm really getting back into the live recordings of the Blond Ambition Tour and The Girlie Show, so I figured it might be fun to do a thread on Madonna's tours and especially the live recordings that have been released from it.

    The Virgin Tour
    Official release (VHS/LaserDisc) omits 3 tracks, but there's a soundboard recording of an LA show that has those tracks (Burning Up, Borderline, Angel). Rehearsal audio for Borderline and Burning Up are on YouTube.

    Who's That Girl Tour
    There's the official Tokyo release (VHS/Laserdisc) that's a bit bland, and there's Ciao Italia that is really a mix of 3 dates, but in my opinion the superior recording.

    Blond Ambition Tour
    There's Yokohama (VHs/LaserDisc) that has weird editing, Dallas (FM broadcast) which is clean but a bit boring, London (FM broadcast) with lots of swearing but a great performance, Barcelona (TV) with floppy hair and some fuckups, and Nice (LaserDisc) which was the final show and her voice was completely ruined but the performance is still pretty good. Parts of the Paris shows are included in TOD. Rehearsal audio for full show is on YouTube.

    The Girlie Show
    There's Sydney (VHS/LaserDisc/DVD) which is good, but the real gem is Fukuoka (TV) where she's more relaxed and her vocals are better. Then there are some (partial?) radio broadcasts from mainly South America where she even does a bit of 'Love to love you baby' after Deeper&Deeper. Someone ripped the 'center' channel of the official DVD 5.1 audio mix, pretended it was rehearsal audio and posted it to YouTube, but it's not a rehearsal.

    Drowned World Tour
    I think there's only Detroit (VHS/DVD) for this tour? Rehearsal audio is available.

    Re-Invention Tour
    Madonna's own recording of one of the Lisbon shows is available on DVD (not officially, but you know) with some data errors at the end of the show. Parts of the Paris shows are included in the IGTTYAS documentary. Rehearsal audio (several versions and also songs she didn't end up performing during the show) is available.

    The Confessions Tour
    I think London is the only recording available for this? Plus rehearsal audio which includes Everybody (not performed during the show)

    Sticky & Sweet Tour
    Not sure what is available aside from the official release, I think one full other soundboard recording has leaked?

    MDNA Tour
    Not sure what is available aside from the official release.

    I'm really in love with her post-Causing a commotion speech from the Blond Ambition London show. And Deeper & Deeper from Fukuoka 1993 always gets me, I love that ending where they're singing 'Every morning, every night, I just wanna hold you tight'. Always wondered if that was a sample, since that show uses a lot of samples from other songs.

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    I just bought the Live in Dallas on May 7 1990 on vinyl and the quality is amazing. I love it.

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    I love love Madonna live stuff, and am lucky that so much demos and rehersals have leaked-I love hearing that kinda stuff....

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    Some magical person posted this on YouTube: It's the HBO and LaserDisc versions (the final, Nice show) of the Blond Ambition Tour, side by side!

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