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Thread: Setlist and Reviews for Kværndrup, Denmark 06/06/2015

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    The piano playing on Mother Revolution is EVERYTHING.

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    I Feel Love is terrible :S. The best part of the song is the AATS chorus (I really like the vocal line here, it sounded so strong), and it's way far from perfect.
    And in this case I'm in the group "Tori WTF are you doing with these loops".

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    I have never loved Mother Revolution. I just liked it. Now I am obsessed with it. That was a brilliant performance! She is singing with such passion - the piano is truly "playing her" as she says in interviews. I can't stop watching this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnothon View Post
    I didn't hate this, I like to see her experiment with different styles. And she wasn't off-key either.

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