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Thread: The Teaches of Peaches

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    Quote Originally Posted by VampireTampon View Post
    The album is streaming on this website, but only to people in Canada. There's also a review accompanying the stream.
    Oh damn too bad I got just to work

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    I had to get a plug-in to be able to listen to the album stream. I just couldn't wait anymore!

    My initial impression is that the production on this latest album is top notch, but it's much less of a pop album than I Feel Cream was. A majority of the songs are more subdued and the whole thing sounds darker and sometimes almost industrial. Rub is an electronic album focused mostly on beats and ambiance. Some tracks have distinct urban leanings. There's a menacing vibe on many songs and only Dumb Fuck might be considered the exception. That song glistens with the crystalline sounds of spacey 80s synths and Peaches' voice sounds lovely on it as she laments a lover's betrayal. She conveys a beautiful sadness in a way she hasn't before and it's very relatable and moving.

    Favorite songs:
    Dumb Fuck, Pickles, Light In Places

    Didn't care for:
    Dick In the Air, I Mean Something, Free Drink Ticket

    Free Drink Ticket is a very angry, dark song and clearly very important for Peaches to get out of her system. However, I feel like musically it isn't very palatable. For me, songs with such pissed off and violent lyrics are much more powerful when they're accessible. The spoken word style gives the lyrics a much bigger impact, but it also keeps fun away. This is closer to Eminem's Kim than Alanis' You Oughta Know.

    Anyway, the album is very good and features a few new classics that I can't wait to hear live when I see Peaches live in Washington, DC.

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    I'm really surprised there hasn't been more discussion about the new record. It's so good! The only song I don't get into is Free Drink Ticket. But like Vampire said - she needed to get that one out of her system. Pickles is probably my favorite. So classic Peaches. "At the dawn of the summer, I give birth to a bad girl. Without a motherfucking epidural" - best lyric on the album for me. I also love My Cut, Dumb Fuck, I Mean Something and Light in Places.


    I came across this HMV store interview thingy and she confirms that there will be a video for every track! Yeah! Based on her description of the next vid - i'm going to guess it's for Rub. Can't wait for more visuals!

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