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Thread: Björk - Utopia - New Album News Thread - [Sept 14 update]

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    I don't even think Saint has cringey lyrics. There's something very earnest about Björk just creating a grab bag of charity to strew around the altar of music. The idea of music being almost cartoonishly virtuous is one that works for me because the actual arrangement does feel like it could bring comfort to the weariest heart. Plus, "I dreamt she cared for my dying grandfather lying naked facedown on his bed" is a cool unsettling but sweet line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dollsbitches View Post
    Yeah but no.

    The lyrics would still be juvenile, the beats would still be misplaced. It wouldn't be that much better.
    Except that it’s already great so it’s not like it needs to be much better...

    The reception to this has been pretty largely positive, a few very vocal detractors on unforumzed don’t bother me at all (and the opinion is totally valid!). It just seemed to happen that everyone who seems absolutely loathe it on here were the first ones to hear it so we all braced ourselves for disaster and then it ended up being endlessly lovey.

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    Two new versions of "Blissing Me" - a harp-only one and a duet with serpentwithfeet - have been released on streaming services and iTunes.

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