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Thread: Björk - Utopia - New Album News Thread - [Sept 14 update]

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    I agree it could be more melodic, and the songs could be a bit shorter and fewer, but let's be honest, as if any of her later albums were melodic. I can't believe people who fawned over Vulnicura (which was imo impossible to get through and simply tedious) claim this one lacks melody. What are Vulnicura and Medulla exactly, Taylor Swift pop albums?

    It seems that Blissing Me is the Stonemilker of this album, as in it's listenable (and wonderful!). The rest fits well with her later albums, as in I will probably not be going back to it soon.
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    I'm scared.
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    Both Medulla and Vulnicura have two songs each which might not be accessible (though I enjoy them; especially Hollow). With Utopia, every song sounds like it would be one of those one or two impenetrable songs that's featured on Bjork's latest albums.

    Black Lake actually sounds full of space and weightlessness compared to any of the Utopia tracks. They really are heavy and gooey and suffocating. Nothing misty about them. What also bothers me is that this clearly is an Arca "duet" album. He complimented some tracks on Vulnicura but here it just sounds like a musical version of that philosophical back and forth letter Bjork released to the world some time ago.
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    Hmm, I don't know how to feel about this yet (which is a good feeling), it really is a lot to take in, but there's plenty to love about Utopia. "Arisen My Senses" is stunningly gorgeous (it has that transcendent emotional quality that her best music has) and I actually am pretty on board with the record until about halfway through (from which point it begins to feel exhausting and samey; this probably happens during "Losss," which has a wonderful 3-4 minute song contained within it…), but things pick back up with "Saint."

    I can't believe more people aren't praising the flute arrangements, as they are rich, varied, and highly melodic (although the latter appears to be a dirty word when describing this album) and the vocals are excellent throughout (how she's decided to layer different vocal melodies against a core melodic movement on a lot of tracks is compelling, but I can see why people would complain about this choice). Arca's contributions are good as well, but I like him and what he brings to Björk's vision (so sue me ).

    I want to hear this in HQ, I feel the quality of the leak is getting in the way of some of the production choices ("Arisen My Senses," "Losss," and "Sue Me" sound muddy and without distinction between the tonal elements of the instrumentation). Also, I definitely liked the album a lot better upon second listen, which bodes well for its longevity. Favourites of far are "Arisen My Senses," "Blissing Me," "Features Creatures" (yes, really: I like how demented it is), "Courtship," "Sue Me," and "Saint."

    Oh, also, I had expected Utopia to be quite celestial/airy considering how Björk has described the album in interviews, which is why I was confused by the rather dark/eerie/creepy album artwork (feels more intergalactic than heavenly, which may be her point, come to think of it). But that cover image fits perfectly with the album as it is, because I do find the atmosphere to be generally dark, bizarre, and otherworldly (not dissimilar to the sound she created on Biophilia).
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    Maybe it’s my daily exposure to opera that has trained me to endure four hours of occasional originality but otherwise thorough repetition, but I enjoyed every minute of Utopia. In fact, I find it phenomenal and quite brilliant. It strikes me to be heavily driven by narrative. This is the first album of hers I can think of which features recurring musical motifs to serve a story. Structurally, I hear how it compliments Vulnicura, but I don’t think of it as interrelated. This album is as much a character study of herself as it is an nonlinear love story, there is quite a bit of complexity in it. There is no doubt that this is not a conventional album to listen to whilst on the go. I think of it very much as a self-contained piece. It certainly won’t become something I’ll listen to unless I properly have time for it. For whatever reason I am struggling to find an adequate term to describe it, but it really doesn’t feel like an album to me. It sounds more like a studio recording of a modern song cycle meant to be performed live. I hope I get to hear her pull this off live!

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    I know it's Bjork's choice to work with him, but I'm not gonna apologize for saying Arca is what's wrong with this album. Everything is covered with his rhythmless audio vomit, even the dirgiest song (Body Memory) could have been so much better without such meandering, pointless production. It's not even "cutting edge" since he's been doing the same thing for years now, and most of Utopia just sounds like a disassembled Vespertine. That's not to say there aren't bits and pieces that I like, but I can't even say that I like an entire song all the way through. The Gate is the least annoying, I think, so I guess that's my favorite.

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    I've been listening to the album a few songs at a time and it's beautiful. I still think that as an album it is a failure and, for me, impossible to enjoy. at least, now I see that it is indeed better (much better?) than DR9. I want to hear an arcaless version of Loss.
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