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Thread: Björk - Utopia - New Album News Thread - [Sept 14 update]

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    Someone described this album/tour as "Björk Shittyfluted" and I'm fucking done.

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    Lyrical acuity and mum-smarts menju56's Avatar
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    What are people's thoughts on Utopia seven months later?

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    I'm still bored by most of it. Arisen, Blissing Me, The Gate, and Saint are the only songs that really give me what I want from Bjork.
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    I don't hate it as much as I did at first but I still don't like most of it. I only listen to The Gate, Blissing Me, Utopia, Loss, Saint, Arisen and Claimstaker

    Courtship is probably her worst song, it's so irritating

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    I think Utopia is great! A lot better than its predecessor. Arisen my Senses, The Gate, Utopia, Courtship are probably my faves. I’m really looking forward to when she brings the tour State-side.
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    I pretty much only listen to a few songs (Arisen my Senses, Blissing Me, Utopia, Losss, Saint)
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    It's my least favorite, but it's BORK so there's still a lot to like about it. Losss is the best track IMO -- it's a somber later-period Björk ballad, like Pneumonia or Sacrifice, with Homogenic-style beats underneath. What's not to love? Tabula Rasa, Saint, Future Forever and Utopia round out my top 5.

    I hate to say the less-good material is still much lesser than usual IMO. Features Creatures and Courtship are two of the worst things she ever put on record.... I still don't remember a thing about Body Memory after a dozen listens.... Blissing Me is a bore, Arisen My Senses is shrill and annoying... and The Gate is everything Björk haters used to say that she was, and now...eep.

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    I still hate it.

    I tried listening to it again when I was very stoned (as the experience usually makes me appreciate music a lot more) but it didn't work.

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    Utopia needs some edit. It's way too long and most of the times it doesn't go anywhere. "Body memory", for instance: it goes for ten minutes and it never adds anything to the main idea, it just keeps talking about the same thing, with nothing interesting about the lyrics nor in the music. The beats are also another problem in most of the songs: it's just weird and noisy for the sake of being weird and noisy. "Losss" is a terrific song, one of the most beautiful songs Björk has written but it's buried in a whole mountain of shitty noises that makes not sense with the topic of the music. In "The gate" and "Blissing me" the beats are delicate and subtle, in concordance with the lyrics, and that's why those are the best songs of the album.

    And "Sue me".
    I thought "Hope" was her worst song, but "Sue me" is one of the worst things I've heard on my life.

    I think there's a very good 10-tracks album with a strong edition on the beats. But as it is, Utopia is not as good as I would've wanted it to be.
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    Losss has beats that remind me of 5 Years and also the Death Grips remix of Sacrifice. I think it's perfect. That a trademark Björk sound IMO, with lush melodies (with strings, or flutes in this case) with complex, but precise rhythms underneath that sound like something moving under the floor and in the walls.

    Sue Me is not my favorite but it has crazy synth sounds, I want a single remix of this... without the cluttered Arca beats that remind me of Trout Mask Replica (that's not really a compliment tbh even though I like Captain Beefheart)... I feel Utopia was trying to capture "beauty and chaos" of nature in the same way that album did. The meaning to the chaos is impossible for the listener to figure out, the same way that aspects of nature are still a mystery. I'm not saying this works or is even appealing to listen to, but that's my take.
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    i still really like it....although, after seeing her live at All Points East, i fell out of love with it slightly, as i don't think the album translates well to a festival setting and was hoping she would do a more varied set list.

    I think its a matter of editting - this would be a great body of work if it was:

    Arisen my senses
    Courtship (i dont really get the hate for this song - for me, this perfectly embodies all elements of bjorks utopia - its got flutes, it melodic, about falling in love/dating and got good beats to dance to)
    Sue Me (same with this - i think its a good high energy bjork song, admittedly the lyics are a bit cringe, but no more so than Declare Independence)
    Future Forever

    and the rest as B-Sides.... but i still think as is, it is not a bad album whatsoever....

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    Sue Me is one of my favourites on the record.

    I really like a lot of it and some days I actually think it's my favourite since Medulla. There's something cohesive about it and also it's pretty but haunting too. The Gate sounds pretty desolate, and the melodies and synths in Losss and Claimstaker and Sue Me I just love. I even like Features Creatures which is ghostly and creepy and weird. And the nod to All Is Full of Love in Future Forever. I'm sold.

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    I don't understand the hate for Sue Me.

    I think Utopia is one of Björk's masterpieces along side Medulla and Homogenic.

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    Claimstaker is one my faves as of last night. I love how it starts out sounding cute, like Pokémons bouncing along a hill in the countryside, then quickly turns serious with dramatic synth and vocals. I'm so glad this album is growing on me, even Courtship is sounding better, and I can finally appreciate The Gate again after playing it out before the others.

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