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Thread: Kate Bush's infinite playlist thread

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    Icon15 Kate Bush's infinite playlist thread

    Inspired by the "Tori Amos' infinite playlist" thread on the MTF, this is a place for everyone to share their Kate-inspired mixes and playlists. Very curious to see what everyone has been listening to lately

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    1. The Morning Fog
    2. Delius
    3. Suspended in Gaffa
    4. All We Ever Look For
    5. There Goes a Tenner
    6. Watching You Without Me
    7. All the Love
    8. Mother Stands for Comfort
    9. Never Be Mine
    10. Burning Bridge

    sensations and emotions of your British childhood, basically

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    The biggest challenge with Kate playlists, which you don't get with Tori, is what to do with all those songs that blend into each other. For some, like Delius for example, it's kind of easy -- just trim the beginning so that it starts when the piano comes in. Not so easy to separate Nocturn and Aerial, which is too bad as Nocturn is amazing as a standalone track.

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    This is the playlist i use most of the time when i want to listen Kate.

    1-The Sensual World
    3-The Red Shoes
    5-Wuthering Heights
    6-Army Dreamers
    7-The Dreaming
    8-Reaching Out
    9-Jig of Life
    10-This Womans Work
    the draught was the very worst

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    That's the playlist I made for my boyfriend on Spotify to introduce him to Kate:

    01. Lily 2011
    02. Hounds of Love
    03. Joanni
    04. Running Up that Hill
    05. King of the Mountain
    06. Rocket's Tail
    07. Night of the Swallow
    08. Suspended in Gaffa
    09. Army Dreamers
    10. The Man With the Child in His Eyes
    11. Never be Mine 2011
    12. Cloudbusting

    RUTH, Rocket's Tail and Never be Mine are his favourites.

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    made a playlist

    01. Wow
    02. Lily (Director's Cut)
    03. Night of the Swallow
    04. Under Ice
    05. Hammer Horror
    06. Waking the Witch
    07. Get Out of My House
    08. There Goes a Tenner
    09. The Wedding List
    10. Coffee Homeground
    11. Rubberband Girl (Director's Cut)
    12. Mother Stands for Comfort
    13. All the Love
    14. Bertie
    15. Oh England My Lionheart

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