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Thread: I think I might have saved a life this week

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    I think I might have saved a life this week

    Sounds dramatic, but I do think I might have made a difference to a friend's life this week.

    So, I shared a really poignant quote on grief on Facebook. It really summed up how I've been since mum died in 2013. Read it here if you're interested.

    Anyway, someone I worked with about a decade ago responded to my post saying her partner left her, and she lost her job, both around the anniversary of her mother's death. I took that opportunity to message her, sympathising. I also shared some sad news about a mutual colleague's recent sudden passing (suicide) and gave her the details of the funeral in case she wanted to attend.

    While I waited for her response, I kept scrolling through my feed and saw some posts from her, where she shared a couple of sad posts about depression, etc. At that moment, I received a message from her. She said she was writing a suicide note when i messaged her.

    I was shocked. I asked her if she was joking, but in case she wasn't, I suggested calling a counselling phone service to talk it through, but she preferred to message each other for a while. I shared my phone number and got hers. She chose not to call, but we continued with the messages. When she decided to stop the chat, I double-checked she wasn't going to do anything drastic. She assured me she was still down, but would just go to bed.

    I sent a followup text the next morning asking how she was (to be sure she made it through the night). I'm happy to say she got through and I checked again that night.

    I really think I sent the right message at exactly the right time. And for that I'm grateful. I think we got through that moment of crisis, but I'm worried she might get to that state again. But other than letting her know she can visit, call or message any time, is there anything more I should do?
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