So I work in gay men's health and PrEP has been all the talk for the past year or so. At my job, we participated in the IPERGAY study, which studied the efficacy of PrEP on-demand (vs continuous) and established an efficiency near 85%. It's a gigantic step forward in HIV prevention, but outside of the field, I'm not sure any thorough discussion is happening beyond the ridiculous (and thankfully reclaimed) #TruvadaWhore. I know access in Quebec is getting easier and easier everyday as we're informing health care providers, and I know a similar push is happening in California, but British Columbia, for example, has lots of systemic barriers to accessing it. And I've been seeing it on dating apps, which is great!

Are you on PrEP? Do you have questions about PrEP? Do you know what PrEP is? Ask ask ask.

Also, this video is wonderful if you'd like to know more about what PrEP is, how it works, and if you could use it.