My boyfriend and I will be relocating for work to Seattle from Chicago in a few months.
Anyone here from Seattle with insight of where to move, good neighborhoods, ect..?
Public transportation is a big must (I may be car-less for a bit) so would need to be accessible for bus, train ect.
We are more urban than suburban.
I don't have to be in the scene but like things a little lively or at least close by. i.e.Restaurants, theatre, walkable, some noise.
Good running trail.
Preferable gay friendly hood.
If age matters, we are 36 and 41
As for cost, don't want to exceed 2,500 for apt.

Right now, if anyone is familiar, I live on the north side of Chicago in a neighborhood called Edgewater/Andersonville. It has a great park with the lake and trail only a few blocks away, numerous places to eat, trains, buses all within a block.
I do get that Seattle transit and food may not be as good but looking for ideas for something similar or comparable.

Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks everyone!