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Thread: Your 10 favorite actors / actresses

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    Those actors no longer with us.. I could never list. Because the old studio days are some of the best movies that were ever made. The studio system was something else. Old Hollywood.. I love watching movies today that are about movies then.. like Hitchcock with Mirren and Hopkins or Hollywoodland with Affleck and Lane, LA Confindential, one movie I really love is Black Dahlia with Swank and Johansson.

    One actress I've always loved who is no longer with us.. Deborah Kerr. I know so little about her life. I know she is/was probably is again the most nominated actress to never win an Oscar. And I've watched all those movies and loved every single one. An Affair to Remember is one of those movies that If I see on cable.. i'm tuning in. I think From Here to Eternity.. the scene on the beech was voted as the most iconic scene in any film by maybe Paper Magazine.. i forget which one. And that scene happened by total accident from what I understand.
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    Willem Dafoe
    Isabelle Huppert
    Elisabeth Moss
    Jeff Bridges
    Cate Blanchett
    Emma Thompson
    Jeremy Irons
    Juliette Binoche
    Isabella Rossellini
    Laura Dern
    Sam Rockwell
    Edie Falco

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    01. Ian McKellen
    02. Judi Dench
    03. Sigourney Weaver
    04. Bill Irwin
    05. Forest Whitaker
    06. Shohreh Aghdashloo
    07. Alfred Molina
    08. Adriana Barraza
    09. Colin Firth
    10. Jessica Lange

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    1- Toni Colette (for everything she has ever done for realz)
    2- Naomie Harris (Moonlight, OMG)
    3- Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea, OMG)
    4- Amy Adams (Nocturnal Animals, Arrival)
    5- Catherine O'Hara (everything but especially the Christopher Guest movies)

    1- Eugene Levy (everything but especially the Christopher Guest movies)
    2- Josh Charles (mostly because I am so irrationally and insanely attracted to him, I can barely stand looking at him!)
    3- Michael Fassbender
    4- Idris Elba
    5- Aziz Ansari

    This is funny. I could easily expand the list of actresses out to 25. Actors was far more difficult for me, and frankly, is almost as much an "I wanna get down" list as a "I respect their talent" list.

    Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Liza Minelli, Lisa Kudrow, Parker Posey and Cher all get honorable mention. And I adore Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore, but not so much for their acting talent. Oh and I think Jennifer Aniston doesn't get anywhere near enough credit for movie work!
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