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Thread: Boys for Pele 2-Disc Deluxe Remaster/Re-issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Alan View Post
    It's better than posing with a blow-up rubber dolphin pool toy.

    Nothing will ever beat the piglet photo, but I like Tori holding that cock in the ADP artwork for whatever reason. I'm wondering what other Tori/animal photos are out there that I'm not thinking of...

    ETA: oh lord, there's horses, snakes, bulls, maybe one with a dog from TVAB era?

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    ^ LOL. I imagine these types of surprises will be inside the artwork of NI. No more interesting projection photos
    Robbing the muse...

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    What is that bear photo from?

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    And butterflies! And fireflies for that Rolling Stone cover. And a giant fluorescent snail.

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    LOL at that bear photo. WTF. I guess she has a lot of animal photos out there.
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    That is some shopping mall visiting Santa's winter wonderland realness right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beelust View Post
    There are a lot of NIN references in Tori's work actually.

    The album Abnormally Attracted to Sin is obivously inspired by the song 'Sin', the 7th track of Pretty Hate Machine. Similarly, 'Reptile', the 12th track on The Downward Spiral was the motivation behind this striking AATS photo:
    The idea of an erotic spirituality stepped into my consciousness... and I began to... think of the muses.. and the sonic shapes started forming.. and the muses, they spoke to me.. of America... of sinsuality... of iguanas...
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    that bear wasn't photoshopped??

    I think I had blanked out for a lot of those AATS years as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr graeme View Post
    The bear looks like he just heard AATS for the first time.

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