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Thread: Strike A Pose (new documentary on Blond Ambition Tour dancers)

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    Strike A Pose (new documentary on Blond Ambition Tour dancers)

    I just received the first official press release so I guess that means I can talk about it

    The Blond Ambition Tour is one of my faves and Truth or Dare (/In bed with Madonna) is one of my favorite movies. This Dutch crew made a documentary about what happened to the dancers, where are they now, etc. They also interviewed Gabriel's mom. Madonna herself is only in it through archive footage.

    It was a pretty great documentary. When you kind of grew up with that movie it's wonderful to hear a bit more about what went on behind the scenes of that tour, what some of the inner struggles of the dancers were, and especially what the aftermath was. The documentary has a lot of sad moments but also some very happy moments. I don't want to spoil too much, but you should definitely try to see it if you can. I think it's even getting a theatrical release here in Holland and it will be shown at a big movie festival in Berlin.

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