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Thread: Your 10 least favourite actors / actresses

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    Yeah, Cruise doesn't really make too many movies that show his acting ability these days, but even if he did I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to see them now, and even his older movies grate on me, I wish they didn't. For some strange reason I don't have the same reaction to Mel Gibson films, and he is a truly vile human being. Maybe it is because I liked his work more to begin with, I don't know. The last of his more recent films that I watched was Edge of Darkness, mostly because some of it was filmed in Northampton, MA while I was going to school in the area and I was curious. It was actually much better than I expected, but I did find myself feeling on edge whenever his character was acting kind of crazy and yelling, probably because I was thinking about those insane voice mail rants!
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    I decided to stick to actors who tend to receive praise and steady work, rather than people who always get panned anyway (Seagal, Schwarzenegger, Willis, etc) and would make more obvious picks:

    01. Bill Murray
    02. Will Ferrell
    03. Chris Pratt
    04. Gary Oldman
    05. Mark Wahlberg
    06. Kevin Spacey
    07. Neil Patrick Harris
    08. Channing Tatum
    09. Jesse Eisenberg
    10. Tom Hardy

    (Dis)honourable mentions: Adam Sandler (low-hanging fruit), Maya Rudolph (not funny, never was), James Franco (the renaissance man of awful), Johnny Depp (douche-zombie who hits women), Kristen Stewart (good for her that she picks better project nowadays, unfortunately she's still terrible in them), Orlando Bloom (to be fair, no-one ever called him a good actor), Paul Rudd (no discernible skill, personality or pulse) and many, many more.
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    K. Stew gave the best performance I've seen so far this year, in Personal Shopper. Just saying.

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    Tom Hanks, Russel Crowe, Colin Farrell are my top 3. They just don't get me.
    Emilia Clarke, Adam Sandler, Michael Fassbender (not his fault I guess? everybody says he's so good but he seemed quite flat in the movies I saw), Mary McDonnell, Karen Gillan... that's it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloody Grace View Post
    Michael Fassbender (not his fault I guess? everybody says he's so good but he seemed quite flat in the movies I saw)
    I do enjoy some of his work but I get what you're saying. I was especially infuriated by him in Macbeth, where he spent the whole movie mumbling his lines while looking into the distance. THAT WAS HIS ENTIRE PERFORMANCE.

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    I loathe Mark Whalberg. He has a seriously racist and violent history and I don't understand why anybody overlooks this. Fuck him. Mel Gibson may also DIAF. Tom Cruise seems like easy pickings.

    Other than that I can't come up with a 'least favorite" list, but here are some actors whose movies or shows I would never normally go to see:

    -The Rock
    -Diane Keaton (apart from Annie Hall, which I love)
    -John Travolta
    -Robin Williams (his humor was just plain annoying and grating and not funny to me)
    -Arnold Schwarzenegger
    -Brendan Fraser
    -Jim Carrey in a comedy role (see "Robin Williams") - though I think he's incredibly good in dramas

    Also I'm not sure I can ever forgive the cast of "Collateral Beauty" for that steaming pile of dog shit. Kate Winslet will get a hall pass because she's amazing, but like Ed Norton and Will Smith may be forever dead to me now.

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