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Thread: 2017 Native Invader Tour Dates (Updated April 23, 2017)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beelust View Post
    ^ wow! You are amazing and a great mom! Enjoy the concert - you definitely deserve it!

    Is there a friend or extended family member that might be interested - perhaps for half price...

    Aww thanks

    And no, no one i know would want it - my small group of Tori friends i'm in touch with (ie 2 people!) already have tix, my partner would normally go to Tori with me, but he will be staying at home to look after our son. And the rest of my family don't like Tori (boooo-hiss!)

    I know there's time yet, i just could do with selling my own ticket if i'm to buy the one my friend has on the floor. Sorry for me going on! I don't mean to, i know it's not the end of the world if i can't sell my own, i'd either have to sit in it and not buy the floor seat off my friend, or just soak up losing the money - but babies cost a lot as you know!

    I'll shut up about it now Just that if anyone does know anyone interested, pls point them in my direction, cheers.

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    I wouldn't usually suggest using them because I don't think their business models are very ethical but have you thought about a second-hand seller like ViaGoGo or StubHub? If the gig is sold out then people will probably be looking on those sites for tickets, and as long as you sell the ticket for face value then you won't be ripping anyone off.

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