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Thread: American Gods

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    ^^ I watch it on Amazon Prime.

    I thought the series was thrilling and did everything a lover of book could have hoped for. Probably most impressive for me was how much they added to the show, while simultaneously upholding the tone and spirit of the book AND creating something that really only tv could do. Highlights of the season were probably the fleshing out of Laura, the sex scene with the jinn, and DISCO BILQUIS! Oh, and the story from one of the first episodes with the slaves setting fire to the boat, stirred on by Anansi.

    Honestly, the only thing that didn't work for me was the casting of Easter. Of course, she only got one episode so I may come around next season, but every other casting was immediately perfect imo.

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    My complaint with the season is I didn't think Essie Macgowan's backstory deserved an entire episode. I am glad they are expanding though and I enjoyed the addition of Vulcan.

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    Was looking for something to re-watch. I forget it mostly by now. *puts this in mental queue*

    Also, if you like Neil and religious fuckery, Good Omens is coming soon. It won't be as sexy or violent, but it's still Neil with added Pratchett humor.

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