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Thread: Stranger Things

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    ^ Great, now I'm crying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volta View Post
    ^NewRockstars on Youtube seem to be hinting they have information about a spinoff for Eight/Kali and her crew.
    the actress says she doesn't think it will happen:

    i honestly hope they don't revisit this specific storyline season 3. the idea of there being other children like Eleven out there could be very cool, but this was...not that, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just owls View Post
    I just finished it and was overall quite underwhelmed.

    Everything you say here. Everything. I'm not going to say I was disappointed, because I sat on my couch thrilled as hell, but something seemed off in a lot of episodes. For one, too.much.dialogue. Also, I didn't care for the 80s soundtrack, I liked the dark electro music from the first season better. And, ok, one Clash song. But this felt like a soundtrack pulled from VH1s greatest 80s hits. What I DID love about this season were the cliffhangers. I thought a lot of the were informed by GoT cliffhangers.

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    "Replies are a combination of nonsense, unrelated comments and inside jokes"‎

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