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Thread: 2017 Tour 20-Song Wish Lists

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    I don't really care that she's probably not touring with the band EXCEPT for the fact that it will make her thing she should use horrible programming. I'd be a million times happier if it was just her at the piano. Wedding Day karaoke was brutal, and it's probably even worse when Mark programs something that morning for a one-off cover. I'm much more into the covers she's done studio versions of since she's clearly put a lot of time into the arrangements (Thank You, A Case Of You, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Famous Blue Raincoat).

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    Based on what we know of new album:

    01 America
    02 Pancake
    03 Father Lucifer
    04 Playboy Mommy
    05 Reindeer King
    06 In the Springtime of His Voodoo
    07 Take to the Sky
    08 Russia

    09 Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)
    10 Cloudbusting (Kate Bush)

    10 Bouncing off Clouds
    11 Tear In Your Hand
    12 Honey
    13 Taxi Ride
    14 Sister Janet
    15 Hotel
    16 Bang

    17 Upside Down
    18 To The Fair Motormaids of Japan

    19 Space Dog
    20 Northern Lad

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    Up the Creek (Desert Sister remix) - playing on speakers before Tori comes on stage

    01 Reindeer King
    02 Butterfly
    03 Honey
    04 Hotel
    05 Wildwood
    06 Climb
    07 Winter

    08 Hello Earth (Kate Bush)
    09 Get Free (Major Lazer) - on Hammond and other keyboards (I often fantasize about this )

    10 Horses
    11 Bats
    12 Little Earthquakes
    13 Liquid Diamonds
    14 Real Men
    15 Bang
    16 Hey Jupiter

    19 Seaside
    18 Etienne

    19 Dixie
    20 Mary's Eyes

    ^ 6 new songs! I wouldn't mind hearing more new songs from the new album this tour. Last year all I got was Invisible Boy, Wild Way and Wedding Day (with backing track).
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    Robbing the muse...

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    We haven't even heard the new songs yet. LOL

    It looks odd seeing the new titles mixed in with the older titles.

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