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Thread: The Alt-Right Thread

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    In what definitely a story of the times: a neo-nazi cancels a book burning citing fears of liberal backlash. The organizer of the book burning event says he is afraid that free speech is under attack. His free speech to attack free speech is under attack.

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    I am taking my joy where I can get it these days.

    Alex Jones is screaming at random people in Seattle, as one does, and Seattle PD brought out some primo Sandy Hook shade:

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    Oh yes he did - and somebody dumped their coffee on him!


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    First, I want to say a beautiful thing happened in Boston, where 40K people showed up to protest the Alt-Lite fuckers. I think many of us have some concerns that this might be a reoccuring thing, but I do want to stress that ignoring them just means that others who are likely to support them get happy. I hope this will actually be a bellwheter for antifa where peaceful mass actions will play out.

    Second, there is other thing: statues. While statues coming down are important, the world isn't going immediately because of statues. And in Western Maryland of all places, there's a call for bring down a statue of Lee.

    I want to post something a friend of mine of FB which is definitely true:

    Antifascism isn't *only* punching Nazis though. It's also:
    -Tenant's unions
    -Union caucuses
    -Jail and court support
    -Eviction defenses
    -R E S E A R C H
    -Community meetings
    -Canvassing and flyering
    -Art and music
    -Mental health services
    -Domestic violence intervention
    -Clothing drives
    -Student organizations
    -Phone banking
    -Grassroots lobbying
    -Addiction therapy
    It's an incomplete list, but any of these things done in the name of antifascism is antifascism. You don't have to punch a nazi in the face, and if you are uncomfortabe with that, then don't do it. Do something more positive. And fight against fascism won't just be on the streets. Bannon's out, but Gorka and Miller are still in. Kelly seems more approachable, but he's supposed to be the expert when it comes to that damn wall.

    I've also been having a conversations with some of my conservative family, many are reluctant to speak against the nazis or even Trump, but most do agree that they'd be happier with Pence. Why? Abortion. Most of my convos on this topic go sour. The conservative women in my life are more supportive of this than men, and chances are the fact I'm a guy makes me more suspect on this topic (male accountability). If you have the patience, please talk to your family members, and it's going to be hard. Really hard. I basically found out one of my aunts (who thinks Black Like Me is a great book) is married to a white supremacist, someone who was running a police department in South Florida when that outfit was basically taken over by the KKK. I don't know what to do with that.

    If you can't talk to your racist family, I totally get it, but I'm begging you to please find something else to do. Chances are, you are probably better equipt than me to do the cool and creative shit to fight this stuff. I know people who went to Charlottesville who can't afford therapists. If you know someone who went and you can lend an ear or even be a licensed therapist, do that. And that thing is crucial right now. Thanks,


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    I love him.
    Maybe for once, someone will call me "Sir" without adding, "You're making a scene."

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