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Thread: Native Invader | Now Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by velvetjosephine View Post

    Studio Sessions
    Tori Amos On World Cafe

    January 24, 20189:26 AM ET
    It's been bothering me more and more in interviews lately that she wont just answer a question directly. I know she's always been a bit that way, but it seems more pronounced these days, especially in this interview. She is like a politician, just answering a completely different question than what was asked.

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    ^ This has been going on for years though.

    Interviewer: "Tori, we just have a minute or so left in the interview. But I wanted to ask you candidly - why have your songs and albums started to suck donkey balls after Scarlet's Walk, why do you cut the breaths out of your songs, why do you wear cheeto wigs, and is that your real face?"

    Tori: "I have a 12 inch cock..."
    Robbing the muse...

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