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Thread: "Native Invader" | Release: 8 September 2017 [July 27 Update]

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    Quote Originally Posted by another light View Post
    I'm hearing 'the secrets of trees, once I could hear them singing'. Which I kind of love. :-D
    Yep, T as Rose Dover again.

    But then I lost touch...
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    I'm not that fond of the way she sings it, just like America or Wedding Day. Midi-drums are pretty obvious it kind of ruins it for me. It's a nice song but lead single material it's not. The chorus is strangely sluggish. Never cared for Aimee Mann so it figures.

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    Eh, it's nice I guess. But it plods on a bit too much. I miss some dynamics, a bridge or break or some oomph or a hook.
    It does remind me a fair bit of Angels. I never cared too much about Angels
    The ending is nice though.

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    First listen - slower than I was expecting; it seems quite restless and expansive/not direct, which is a change from some of the more recent material. It is very weird structurally and different for her. Not sure what I think!

    Second listen - liked it a bit less, found it a bit meandering and plodding. But some interesting details in there, like the mix of keyboards and organ.

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    today it reminds me of Dark Side of the Sun. a song I don't like and almost never listen to, but that's the track that I starts in my head when I try to recall what CR sounds like... I still think the song is OK
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    I like the song, although I don't love it.

    I like the verses much more than the chorus - in the chorus both the melody and the lyrics somehow become more ordinary. I love all the natural and mythological imagery in the verses, so when the lyrics become more straightforwardly about getting through troubles in a relationship ("I'm not giving up on us") it sounds a bit underwhelming.
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    I like it. I don't love it though. I think I may have liked Trouble's Lament marginally more on first listen.

    I agree with whoever said it sounds a lot like the Strange radio edit.

    I actually really enjoy the guitar, and the organ adds a beautiful atmosphere to the track. I just don't like the transition from the verses to the prechorus(?) - I wish it stayed in the tone of those parts. Rather than getting all Beatles-y.

    I wouldn't say it really phases me as to whether it bodes well for the album, I mean no first single post Scarlet, has really been an album highlight for me. I often forget TL, Big Wheel, SWB even exist on their respective albums.

    I'm definitely anticipating non band tracks. ASF just popped on after CR and the real instrumentation, even though simple, just adds so much to the song. It also makes me realise how perfectly effortless ASF is as a pop song, CR has some nice moments, but it's just not quite there for me.

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    I like it. The closest comparison I can think of for it is "Rose Dover". I appreciate that she's created something that sounds hopeful but not twee or sappy.

    The singing though - this is not good. I genuinely feel that she needs to work on how she's using her voice these days.

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