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Thread: How Low Can We Go? The President Donald Trump Thread, I guess. :(

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    Business Insider has a fantastic breakdown of the timeline of what we know about Trump and Russia collusion. At the very least you must check out the calendars.

    A timeline of events that unfolded during the election appears to support the FBI's investigation into Trump-Russia collusion

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    ^ Similarly, here's a long twitter thread


    MEGA-THREAD: MI6 agent Chris STEELE, author of history's most explosive intel dossier, will soon testify against TRUMP. Read his story here.
    I think my favorite part is where various people had the dossier for weeks but just days after the Giuliani-tainted FBI got it, it leaked... for lack of a better way to phrase that.

    I've worked in some toxic, back-stabby, tense places, but I don't think I could handle working at the White House. That's major leagues and I was apparently just playing in the minors.

    Yet the blame game is taking a toll on an exhausted White House. At the highest levels of the West Wing, the mood has grown so tense that staffers have begun calling up reporters inquiring whether other senior aides are leaking damaging information about them.

    "The various warring fiefdoms and camps within the White House are constantly changing and are so vast and complicated in their nature,” said one former Trump campaign aide, “that there is no amount of reporting that could accurately describe the subterfuge, animosity and finger-pointing that is currently happening within the ranks of the senior staff."

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    I really didn't see Trump losing the GOP this early.
    Even the dullest Trump supporter won't stand for collusion with Russia. Too many people alive that fought against USSR-backed nations/ideologies. I can tell you it is starting to sour in the flyover states. People talking about "New Russia" and all that. It's a good sound bite.
    And still I feel sorry for them. I know they're belly-aching or soon will be "What did we do? What have we done?"

    Gorsuch might not be that bad, as bad as he is. Some of the things he's said makes me think he'd actually be reasonable to a point. But then there's his record and you just want to... jump off an overpass.
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